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6 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Staub dutch oven review

When it comes to the best Dutch ovens in the market, Staub and Le Creuset are two of the best providers out there. You can put it like this: if Le Creuset stands as the Lamborghini of this cookware, then Straub is Ferrari. With the remarkable qualities that build a Staub cocotte, it’s undoubtedly one of the best Dutch ovens you can find. The brand combines quality, performance, and aesthetics in a Dutch oven makes it sought-after cookware; your guests and neighbors will envy you if you have one!

While you can find discounted Staub pieces, it’s still very pricey. So, before you purchase a Straub Dutch oven, ensure that you read our pros and cons guide below!


The Good

Below are some of the positive points that make Staub one of the top Dutch ovens providers in the market.

1. The Best-Fitting Lid Cover

If you’re more into cooking techniques like braising and stewing, the Staub Dutch oven is a fan-favorite for its tight-fitting lid cover. It’s also heavy enough for optimum moist retention in the cooking process. It’s also worth mentioning that every Staub French oven has a self-basting spikes feature beneath the cover, which could help with further liquid distribution throughout the dish you’re making.

2. Almost Cast Iron Liked Interior

The Staub Dutch oven’s interior is constructed with black matte enamel combined with some quartz components, making the cookware have a higher heat tolerance level. This also means that the oven has a rough interior, making it an effective non-stick cookware. Ensure that you properly cook with the Staub Dutch oven and take suitable cleaning measures, and you’ll be able to use it much longer.

3. Beautiful, yet Sturdy Exterior

You can definitely see how the Staub’s exterior has a glossy and beautiful finish brought by its enamel multi-coating. Some Dutch oven reviews claim that it’s chip and crack resistant; still, nothing is resistant if misused. The cookware can go well with any stovetop and oven and fit in well in the fridge.


The Not So Good

The following factors are not necessarily issues. You can take them as a warning so that you know what you’re investing in when buying a Staub Dutch oven.

1. Weight

A heavyweight is advantageous to a high-quality Dutch oven, but the case for Staub is that its cookware is heavier than the average cast-iron Dutch ovens. For example, a 5.5-qt. Staub Dutch oven can weigh almost 12lbs; add that up to the weight of the liquids, starch, and meats you’re going to cook.

2. No Stain

If you scrolled through the Staub cookware reviews, people tend to hype the fact that the Dutch oven doesn’t stain or get much dirt build-up compared to Le Creuset. We hate to pop that positive bubble and say it’s a myth. Staub does stain, but it’s hard to spot it with its black interior. Would you prefer to have a cookware where you can immediately see stains so you can take action or have one that doesn’t show you the stains, so you believe it’s squeaky clean?

3. Difficult to Monitor your Cooking

Like the factor above, the black interior also affects how users can monitor their dishes. However, it’s normal to see this as a problem for your first few cooking sessions with Staub. You’ll be able to get used to it as you go along.

Do you want to add a high-quality Dutch oven to your kitchen? Staub is definitely a significant investment because you can expect it to be reliable, durable, and versatile to use.

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