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Staub Cocotte Sizes: How to Choose the Right Size?

Staube Cocotte Sizes

You’re completing your kitchen gear, and a great set of cast iron cocotte is on your list. You’re used to companies estimating their sizes in quarts or liters, but when you get to Staub, it’s a little different.

Staub chooses to size cocottes based on centimeters rather than a volume capacity, so it can be a little tough to picture what’s going on. You can do a lot of research on what capacity each measurement has, or you can come with us on our handy guide to find exactly the right one. Let’s take a look.


First of All, Why Choose Staub?

When it comes to the best Dutch ovens in the market, Staub and Le Creuset are two of the best providers out there. Staub’s product offerings are really giving the market a run for its money. They’re durable and heat food evenly with less energy than some other types of cookware. The enamel is long-lasting and allows families to pass down Staub pots within the family.

Budget brands sometimes have weak spots in the enamel or in the inner material that can cause uneven heating over time. Staub, on the other hand, uses simple craftsmanship for consistent results that make your food taste great with less effort.


Staub Sizes

Staub measures sizes based on centimeters instead of volume, but that looks a little different with each style. You might be tempted to invest in the largest one available just because it’s big, but you’re signing up for a significant amount of weight. It’s all going to be a balance. Let’s break down the sizing of each product Staub offers to see how it might fit into your kitchen.


Round Cocottes

Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte
2,327 Reviews
Staub Cast Iron Round Cocotte
  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rainforest effect evenly returning juices back onto the food
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C without lid, Lids are oven safe up to 500F/260C

These are a classic style of Staub. The circle cocotte is excellent for all-purpose cooking and for having around if you don’t have much space in your kitchen for a lot of specialized equipment. The tops fit nicely, and it comes in a variety of Staub colors.

Size Liters Weight  
Mini 0.4 1.33 kg Price
14 cm 0.8 1.8 kg Price
16 cm 1.2 2.34 kg Price
18 cm 1.7 2.94 kg Price
20 cm 2.2 3.6 kg Price
22 cm 2.6 3.98 kg Price
24 cm 3.8 4.6 kg Price
26 cm 5.2 5.7 kg Price
28 cm 6.7 7 kg Price
30 cm 8.35 8 kg Price
34 cm 12.6 10.75 kg Price


Oval Cocottes

Staub Cast Iron Oval Cocotte
214 Reviews
Staub Cast Iron Oval Cocotte
  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C without lid, Lids are oven safe up to 500F/260C

The oval design is suitable for cooking one-pot meals such as a whole chicken and potatoes. It leaves room on the ends for stuffing with veggies or other foods while the meat is cooking and allows you a little more space to maneuver. These are also great options if you don’t have a lot of space for specialty equipment.

Size Liters Weight  
15cm 0.6 1.32 kg Price
17cm 1 2.33 kg Price
23 cm 2.35 3.36 kg Price
27 cm 3.2 4.5 kg Price
29 cm 4.2 5.6 kg Price
31 cm 5.5 6 kg Price
33 cm 6.7 7 kg Price
37 cm 8 8.5 kg Price
41 cm 12 11.6 kg Price


Staub Braiser

Staub Cast Iron Braiser
33 Reviews
Staub Cast Iron Braiser
  • Unique design with a wide base and shallow sides is perfect for browning and braising meats
  • Vintage look handles offers easy maneuvering even while wearing oven mitts
  • Domed lid accommodates big pieces of meat

A braiser is another type of cookware that allows you to roast particularly tough cuts of meat low and slow. Typically meat is started over high heat and then simmered for a while over a low heat with liquid to help cook and tenderize the cuts. Its unique shape makes it great for turning cuts of meat periodically, and Staub’s design is very eye-catching.

Size Liters Weight Price
24 cm 2.4 4.2 kg Price
28 cm 3.7 5.4 kg Price

For those of you into seafood, Staub’s unique dish helps get the perfect roast for fish without drying it out or sticking. The shape is great for your fish dishes and fits well on a grill or in the oven, allowing you to cook complicated seafood delicately and evenly. It’s a great addition to a kitchen trying to make healthier food options without sacrificing flavor. It comes in one size, but it’s a really convenient one.


How Do I Choose the Right Size?

Staube Cocotte Sizes

Consider how you cook each day. If it’s just you and a partner, you may not need the largest Staub cocotte available. A typical cocotte should make enough for you and your people without leftovers. If you’re really into leftovers, you may want to upgrade your sizes.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how the sizing feeds people:

  • 16cm = 1-2 servings
  • 20cm = 2-3 servings
  • 22 cm = 3-4 servings
  • 24 cm = 4-5 servings
  • 26 cm = 6 servings
  • 28 = 6-8 servings

If you’re a family of four that detests leftovers, you’ll want to get a 24 or 26-centimeter cocotte. You’ll have enough room to cook what you need without the weight or the leftovers. If you’re two people that love leftovers, you may want to upgrade to the 22-centimeter to give you more space and the possibility of multiple meals from one pot.


When to Upgrade

As your family and cooking needs change, upgrading your Staub could be one way to increase your kitchen productivity and provide more meals for your family and friends. You don’t have to get rid of your smaller Staub in the process; it can be used to cook sides. A larger cocotte can handle the main dishes.

You’ll have to consider the extra weight as you upgrade. It can be tempting to upgrade to the largest one, but if you don’t really need all that room, you’re only getting an unwieldy, way too heavy piece of cookware you’ll resent. Choose the right size, and the weight will be worth it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean my Staub? – Staub is dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing so that the enamel never gets dull on the interior. Staub doesn’t use a light interior like Le Creuset, so it may be less noticeable, but the extra care of handwashing will keep your Staub around for a lot longer. Be sure to let it cool completely before you start. Cold water on the hot enamel could cause cracking.
  • Is my Staub oven-safe? – Staub is oven safe because it uses no plastic knobs that could melt. Be careful when handling the cookware and ensure that you don’t heat the oven above 572 degrees Fahrenheit.



Staub can be an excellent addition to your kitchen and could be a source of tasty meals for a long time. They’re investment pieces, but once you have one or two, your meals could be fantastic. It’s always fun to collect the colors and find those rare, retired ones at second-hand sales. They’re always going to be something your family will love and could be something you pass down one day.

Make sure you invest in the right size for you and that you consider your kitchen storage. The good news is that Staub cookware looks great just sitting out, so you may not mind if it’s always sitting on your stove when not in use. The pop of color is inviting, and your new Staub edition might be your favorite thing in your kitchen.

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