Le Creuset Color Guide: Shop by Color!

Le Creuset Color Guide

Le Creuset may be excellent cookware, but half the reason people buy from the company is its color choices. Whether you’re collecting hard to find ones or your favorite color, Le Creuset’s distinctive color scheme is always a showstopper.

If you aren’t sure where to start with your collection, or you’re curious about what’s out there, take note! We’ve put together a handy guide for Le Creuset colors that can get you started with your collection. Let’s take a look.

How does Le Creuset select its colors?

If you ask anyone to name a Le Creuset color, you’ll get a lot of the same answer – orange. Volcanic Flame is the official name, of course, and since that iconic color in 1925, the company has rolled out some of the years’ hottest colors regularly.

Le Creuset keeps an eye on global color trends, designing their enamelware often with colors indicative of the times. You’ve got designer-favorite teal and striking satin black. You’ve got sweetly Millennial Pink, a color chosen as a throwback to the latest obsession with the chiffon feel of a time past.

UK and US audiences often drive color choices, and complementary hues are considered alongside those classics. Le Creuset will sometimes take a chance on a color that’s a different hue than a classic design.

That time-honored orange will remain a constant, but as trends change, expect to see the rainbow offering change with it. Some colors are trendy now and make beautiful additions to the line, but they may not be around forever.


How do you choose what color to buy?

Choosing a color can be difficult when there are so many. If you’re a classic type, the original Volcanic Flame is always a good choice. Nothing says Le Creuset like that beautiful orange.

You may want to invest in your favorite color regardless of anything else. Colors don’t always make the timeless cut, and you could find yourself a year from now searching second-hand shops for your favorite discontinued hue.

You could also choose based on your kitchen colors now. If you’ve got a classic kitchen, a throwback pink or blue could be just the thing. White is also striking in a traditional kitchen while a Satin Black could make an ultra-modern kitchen pop.

Your color choices are up to you. Each piece features the same durable cast iron with enamel coating. No color is stronger or longer-lasting than any of the others although if utensil marks bother you, you may want to go for a darker color. If nothing else, mix and match your dream collection.

For new colors, Le Creuset releases a limited number of products to figure out if people will approve. If it’s a success, the color appears in a full range of products. If it isn’t, you could have some beautiful statement pieces in your chosen color.


Le Creuset Colors

Le Creuset Color Guide

Le Creuset has three different color types on their website. Their current colors option gives you everything in the current line. It’s the full line up of both classic colors and new releases and will provide you with an idea of everything the line has to offer now.

Partner colors are special releases done in partnership with specific organizations or causes. These are sometimes a limited edition run and aren’t always introduced into the full line-up. However, you can find some real gems in this category.

Finally, Le Creuset sells a limited stock of discontinued and retired colors. This category is always changing as inventory sells out or colors are newly retired. Once these colors are gone, your only option is to keep an eye out for second-hand sales.

You should always check with your country’s Le Creuset lineup because there are slight differences in the lines based on location. Typically, the list runs fairly similar to the UK and US market.

Current US Colors:

  • Cerise
  • Marseille
  • Flame
  • Berry
  • Merangue
  • Sea Salt
  • Fig
  • Coastal Blue
  • Indigo
  • Marine
  • Oyster
  • Provence
  • Caribbean
  • Emerald Green
  • Matte Sugar Pink
  • White
  • Persimmon
  • Matte Cashmere
  • Matte Cotton
  • Matte Mineral Blue
  • Matte Amethyst
  • Hibiscus
  • Matte Sisal
  • Black

Partner Exclusive Colors

  • Truffle
  • Cream
  • Ink
  • Lapis
  • Ocean


Discontinued & Retired Le Creuset colors

Le Creuset’s color wheel changes as the times change. Sometimes, it’s time to make room for a new hue or finish. Other times, the tides have moved to a new trend and old colors move aside. Whenever that happens, Le Creuset maintains an inventory of retired colors so those favorites can find new homes. Once they’re gone, keep an eye out for secondhand sales.

Retired US Colors:

  • Palm
  • Soleil
  • Cassis
  • Quince
  • Dune
  • Rosemary
  • Burgandy
  • Cobalt
  • Dijon
  • Fennel
  • Kiwi
  • Spinach


New Colors by Le Creuset

New colors will vary by country, but in the United States, Le Creuset launched a color palette known as “the new calm.” These colors are muted, delicate colors designed to fit well with a variety of kitchen types. There are no bold colors or jewel tones in sight. Instead, Fig, Merengue, Sea Salt, and Coastal Blue top the list.

Other countries saw the release of Rose Quartz and Ultra Violet, in addition to a bold ombre, Flint. Some of these colors may make their way to stateside, but only time will tell.


Popular Colors by Country

Le Creuset Color Guide

Popular colors vary by location and can determine which of the colors stay and which don’t. If you’re in love with another country’s colors, don’t despair. Le Creuset frequently introduces those colors if they’re popular enough. Plus, there’s always online shopping.

US popular colors are typically Volcanic Flame, White, Caribbean, Ink, Truffle, and Ocean. Mostly calming colors with that classic Flame thrown in.

In the UK, popular colors follow a similar pattern with Cerise, Granite, Almond, Satin Black, and Teal along with Volcanic Flame.

Australians tend to favor ocean-inspired colors (and no wonder!) with Teal, Cobalt Blue, Dune, Cerise, and Coastal Blue, with classic Volcanic Flame and new Rose thrown in for variety.

Again, always check with your country’s offerings to see what classic colors you have and what colors might be exclusive to your region and all the better to stock up.



Le Creuset is a wonderful addition to a kitchen for its even heating and slow cooking functionality. However, the color array is a bonus for any culinary artist. Whether you’ve fallen in love with one of the latest colors or are on a mission to find every piece of a beloved retired color, Le Creuset has something for you.

We recommend a few key pieces in your favorite color and then spicing things up with a complementary color. Le Creuset even helps you do this as you explore the colors they have to offer. Once you’ve got your color scheme, keep an eye on new releases that coordinate with your current loves, and create an ever-evolving collection.

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  • I’m looking for Le Creuset Coastal Blue in the US and can’t find it. I know it’s popular in the UK, but your article says it’s also offered in the US. Where?