Fissler Original Pro Saucepan: The Best Saucepan on the Market

Fissler Original Pro Saucepan

The Fissler Original Pro Collection saucepan is the best overall saucepan on the market. It has all the important elements to be your everyday saucepan: high quality, non-reactive, solid construction, heavy bottom, comfortable welded handle, pouring rim, lifetime warranty and a reasonable price.

Perhaps more well-known for its pressure cookers in North America, Fissler’s Original Pro Collection is one of the most underrated lines of cookware. No fluffy marketing jargons or gimmicky features, the Fissler Original Pro saucepan is reliable, practical, versatile and high quality. Once you’ve used it, you see why this is the best saucepan around.


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  • Very nice feel when holding the saucepan. Superb overall construction.
  • Sauce pan is heavy, but not too heavy. The saucepan bottom is something special.
  • Because of its patented CookStar base, Fissler guarantees the saucepan will always stay perfectly flat on any stovetop (unlimited guarantee for life).
  • Saucepan handle is long, straight and comfortable. Best of all, it’s welded, which means no hard-to-clean build-ups and dirt around rivets.
  • Pouring rim, which is especially important for a saucepan.
  • Lid cover is tight-fitting and has a big loop handle, which makes it easy to grip if you’re using oven-mitt or thick cloth.
  • Available in a range of designs and sizes (small, medium and large). You’ll surely find one that fits your needs.
  • Suitable to use on any stovetop. Oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Very reasonably priced for cookware of this quality. Since it’s somewhat widely available, chances of a discount are great.



  • None to speak of other than it would be nice if Fissler adds a Windsor saucepan to the Original Pro Collection.


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