Fissler Original Pro Collection Stockpot: A Delightful Surprise

Fissler Original Pro Collection Stockpot review

You know those people who will do anything you ask without complaining and arguing, and at the same time you have complete trust they will do the job and do it well? The Fissler Original Pro Collection stockpots are one of those people.

When it comes to stockpots, there’s no need to go beyond your basic requirements: a heavy-bottom, a tight fitting lid, large handles and a pouring rim. The Fissler Original Pro Collection delivers all those features in a well-designed and solidly constructed stockpot. With a lifetime warranty and a reasonable price, you cannot go wrong with the Fissler Original collection stockpots.



  • Very solid construction with a nice feel.
  • Handles are welded, which allow for easy cleaning.
  • Handles are extra large. This is especially helpful when using oven-mitts or cloths.
  • The thick CookStar base provides great heat distribution and retention without hot spots. Fissler guarantees the base will never warp and always stay perfectly flat on any stovetop.
  • Rim has a pouring edge, which is important for a stockpot.
  • Lid cover is tight-fitting and has a big loop handle, which makes it easy to grip.
  • Suitable to use on any stovetop. Oven-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.



  • The stockpot is already heavy by itself. It could easily double its weight when liquid is added.


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