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Demeyere Proline 5 Stars (Atlantis): The Best Stainless Steel Fry Pan that Money can Buy

Demeyere Proline 5 Stars fry pan review

The Demeyere Proline 5 Stars frying pan is the one and the only option you can get if you are about to purchase the market’s best stainless steel fry pan at any cost.

Using a very thick 4.8mm 7-PlyMaterial construction (7 combined layers of stainless steel, pure aluminum and aluminum alloys), the Demeyere Proline fry pan delivers impeccable heat distribution, retention and control. The frying pan surface always remains bright and free from fingerprints thanks to the Silvinox treatment.

Flawless design. Top-quality materials. Supreme mastership. There is no denying that the Demeyere Proline 5 Stars stainless steel frying pan is the best fry pan on the market. Excellent addition to any kitchen.


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  • Impeccable quality. The Demeyere Proline 5 Stars frying pan turns the cooking process into game and glee. That quality is unprecedented.
  • Cleaning the pan is much easier thanks to the no-rivet handle.
  • One of the most comfortable handles on the market. It is large and fits well in any hand size. Moreover, you’ll get a helper handle for the 11” and 12.6” pans.
  • A thick bottom with a 7-ply construction from rime to rime, which provides excellent performance and control.
  • The rim has a pouring edge.
  • Can be used on any kitchen stove including induction. Oven and dishwasher safe.



  • Heavyweight. While some people consider heavyweight an indispensable attribute of a high-quality frying pan, otherы have problems with it. Since the Demeyere Proline 5 Stars pan has seven layers of materials, it can’t help but be heavy. In any case, be informed this pan can’t be called light.
  • Only 30-year guarantee. Compared to other fry pans and skillets on the recommended list, 30-year guarantee is on the short side, especially when many manufactures offer lifetime warranty. But that’s not a big problem. If you properly care for it, it will serve you long years.
  • Expensive. $200-450 is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Demeyere Proline 5 Stars frying pans. During season sales allowing for discounts, you’ll still have to pay 50%-70% of the suggested price

Tips: The Demeyere Proline frying pans have are a few sizing options, and it may be noticed that the 9.4” are most often discounted. Also, be mindful that the price increases dramatically between the 9.4” and 11”, possibly due to the helper handle in the larger model. So, if you don’t have a preference on size, the Demeyere 9.4” is usually the best buy from the value perspective.

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