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Le Creuset Sizing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Le Creuset began producing its signature porcelain enameled cast iron in 1925 and has been making worship-worthy products ever since. People collect not only their different sizes but colors as well. Building your collection could help level up your kitchen, but getting the right size can be tricky...

Cookware Dutch Ovens

Lodge vs. Le Creuset: the Unbiased Comparison

In the battle of budget versus brand, which do you prefer? Would you spend more for a solid reputation and lifetime guarantee, or would you rather save some money when you’re shopping? Lodge and Le Creuset enameled cast iron are two excellent examples of this battle. In this match-up, we decide...

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Should I buy the Lodge Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Oven?

For those who have never used an enameled Dutch oven and are looking for an entry-level, budget-friendly one, the Lodge cast iron enameled Dutch oven could be a great addition to your kitchen.   Pros 1. Performance Lodge is among the top brands that are popular for producing high-standard cast...